Aerial Photography Services

Here at Southern Aerial Services, we can provide you with high quality aerial photography and video services. Whether this is checking for loose tiles on a roof, help practice your golf swing, or even selling your home. Take a look at our gallery and full range of services we offer below.

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Drone Surveying Services

Roof Inspections

Southern Aerial Surveys - Roof Inspections in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

From storm damage for insurance claims, to a general wellness check of your property such as checking the gutters. We can take high quality photos and video of those areas difficult to reach in just a matter of minutes. No more need for running up and down ladders time after time.


Southern Aerial Surveys - Chimney Inspection and Surveys in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

One of the most difficult things to see from ground level is how well your chimney is fairing up to the harsh weather of the UK climate. By using us, we can provide detailed images of your chimney(s) in just a short space of time which you can provide by email to a roofing contractor or insurance broker to carry out any repair work.


Southern Aerial Surveys - Aerial Land Check and Livestock Count in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

From checking your land to counting sheep in a field, we can quickly and effectively take high resolution photos and video of your own personal smallholding. Our latest drone in the fleet is quieter than other models which will help ensure your livestock are not startled when in use.

Golf Courses

Southern Aerial Surveys - Roof Inspections in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

Golfers across the world have often said that when looking at footage of themselves practicing their swing, their playing improves dramatically. The latest drone in our fleet is quieter, has a sharper picture quality and can be used as a tool, in aiding you to become the next Tiger Woods.

Archaeological Digs

Southern Aerial Site Surveys - Archaeological Digs in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

Hiring a helicopter and pilot can be expensive, so why not carry out a site survey in just a fraction of both the cost and time? We can take overhead high-resolution photos which can often show interesting anomalies and help paint a wonderful picture of our cultural history, which you just can’t see when on the ground.

Real Estate

Southern Aerial Surveys - Real Estate, Mansions, Grounds in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

What better way of showing off the best features of a property, such as grounds, swimming pool, tennis courts and luxurious settings than by air? We can tailor make custom videos, showing off your property in all its finest glory. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

Stately Homes & Gardens

Southern Aerial Surveys - Mansions, Stately Homes and Gardens in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

Mansion Houses and Stately Homes can be expensive to run, which is why an increasing number of owners are opening their places to the public. We can provide bespoke, high quality video to music, showcasing the best of what your house and grounds have to offer. Prices start from as little as £280 Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.

News Stories

Southern Aerial Surveys - Aerial Coverage for Broadcast, News and Journalism in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

As well as being a qualified UAV operator, David Walker is also a broadcast journalist and newsreader. Therefore, he knows the importance of speed and accuracy when delivering a story. We can provide aerial coverage of a news event and be at the scene in minutes of a story breaking across Dorset, Hampshire or Wiltshire.

Unusual Gifts

Southern Aerial Surveys - Unusual and Unique Gifts, Marriage Proposals in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

Where did you propose to your loved one? Was it underneath an oak tree, in a meadow, a forest or even a posh hotel? Why not recapture the moment they said "Yes" by commissioning an aerial framed photograph of that special place. Order now and give that special person in your life a gift they can see over and over again.


We can also offer Thermal Imaging pictures and video for special projects. Please message us with your enquiry for further details.


Clients include

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